RNT - Spot Welding Position Control App

This application is optimised specifically for automotive manufacturing plants, but practically it can be utilized anywhere where spot welding is carried out using industrial robots.

We aim to deliver value-added solutions for our customers in several sectors of the industry. Perhaps the most important argument for improving efficiency, which is the most important goal defined by the players in the manufacturing sector, is to achieve the highest possible production quality. The importance of this in a high-volume, automotive environment is almost unquestionable. To meet the requirements of the manufacturers we have developed our spot welding position control software, optimised specifically for automotive companies (capable of handling up to hundreds of robots), but available to practically anyone who carries out spot welding technology using industrial robots.

Our system automatically collects data from the controllers of industrial robot arms installed on the production line and connected to an Ethernet network. Among the downloaded parameters and robot programs, our algorithms look up the coordinates and other welding parameters of the robot positions performing the technologizing. The extracted data is stored using modern database technologies. In parallel, the coordinates of the 3D point cloud - also imported into the database - are prepared and processed. Then, using a special mathematical transformation, our software is able to combine the two independent inertial point clouds and perform analyses on them. This allows us to detect if a point is missing from the robot program, or if its coordinate or any of its parameters are different from the nominal one. In the case of such anomalies, in addition to visualisation, we can notify subscribed users in order to immediately manage necessary actions. Apart from the main focus of the solution, it also provides other benefits to the various experts in the manufacturing industry:

For quality control
- Continuous online monitoring of the existence and position of spot welding positions
- Preventing and detecting possible production errors
- Preventing and detecting deviations from the specified tolerances

For the engineering department
- Automate checks, reduce engineering hours by shortening model introduction phases
- Centralise spot welding data
- Remote access to spot weld data via software

For maintenance
- Unified, remote robot diagnostics, fault statistics
- Failure prevention, reduction, PVM support
- Reduction of downtime, notification of maintenance, faster response
- Remote, automatic backups to redundant server environment