For most of our projects, we use our in-house developed, vendor-independent IIoT platform, the WaMeWo. This production monitoring system provides insight into and control over diverse machine fleets with up to hundreds of machines. For more information, visit ​




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“What a great dashboard!” “Thanks, I made it myself!”

Just as there’s no universal production process, there is no universal dashboard of production monitoring indicators. We believe in customisation. Click and get familiar with our self-service dashboard in WaMeWo!

Quality monitoring in manufacturing – with IIoT tools

Digitalisation is bringing changes to the world of quality. We will present the 5 most important quality assurance best practices and share relevant cases where our own production monitoring system has also functioned as a digitisation tool to support quality manufacturing.

Our version of Christmas tree

We wish all our customers and partners a happy holiday season – now a little differently!